Round steel classification and distinction Round is divided into hot-rolled, cold-forging and drawing three. Hot rolled round steel specifications for the 5.5-250 mm. Where: 5.5-25 mm round mostly small bundles of supplies to straight, commonly used for steel, bolts and various mechanical parts; high quality dynapac concrete vibrator greater than 25 mm round steel, mainly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts or for seamless steel rings. It is generally cut with round steel cutting machine, mainly used in engineering industry and machinery industry. The difference with other steel round: 1 is not the same shape, round shape light round, no pattern without ribs, other steel surface appearance knurled or ribbed, thus causing a small bar and concrete adhesion , while other steel and concrete bond strength is large. 2 ingredients is not the same round (a steel) belonging to the ordinary low-carbon steel, alloy steel other bars more. 3 is not the same intensity, low round strength, high strength steel the other, that is the same size in diameter as compared with other steel bar, round bar can withstand tensile steel than other small, round plastic but stronger than other bars , that have pulled off round before the large deformation, while others reinforced pulled off before deformation is much smaller. How reinforced straighten cutter operation   First of all, according to need straightening steel diameter adjustment wheel straightening, wheel groove and pull the drive speed result. Traction sheave rectify bar the same width and diameter.   Second, steel, should be transferred straight through the first round traction, then penetrating catheter and consolidation, in order to prevent harm to people nearing completion when the steel consolidation.   Third, straightening wheel is not fixed, do not include protective cover, can not penetrate steel to prevent the starter, flying out of wounding straightening blocks.  Fourth, adjust the wheel to rectify. Usually rectify box five rounds, machine for cutting and bending steel the first two straightening blocks 1,5 on the line, the three offset from the centerline in the middle. First, through the transfer of the trial, such as bending rebar is still slow, gradually increasing the offset, until it straightened up.  Fifth, cut three or four is the most suitable, if there is any deviation, adjustable limit switches or sheet, until the appropriate length. Safety practices What steel bending machine First, when the mechanical installation must pay attention to the body should be safe ground, the power does not allow direct access to the button, you should install another steel switch control power.  Second, check the parts are complete before use, whether the selected gear and the engine speed conform bending rebar diameter. The gap between the cone engagement is appropriate. Fixed iron wedge for tightness. And to check whether the steering wheel and inverted switch in the same direction. Grease filling in accordance with regulations. Check the insulation of electrical equipment grounding wire without damage, loose. And after commissioning that passing the operation.  Third, the operation should be required to bend one end of the bars in the gap turntable stable fixed hoe, and the other end is fixed hoe against the body, with one hand pressed, we must pay attention to the body hoe really safe in a file live steel side, before starting the machine.  Fourth, the replacement of fixed hoe turntable, should be replaced after the operation is stopped.  Five non-bent beyond a predetermined mechanical designer bar conmec japanese type concrete vibrator shaft diameter and lifting crane hook with rigging. Such as bending without cold-drawn steel or leather with rust, you must take good goggles. Bending low alloy steel and other non-ordinary steel, mechanical designer should be specified in terms of the maximum limit diameter.